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Thailand will open five more tourist destinations next month

Source:Admin5 2021-10-11 21:05
Thailand will continue to open five more tourist areas free of severe COVID-19 outbreaks to tourists in early November.
, according to the agency on October 11, the Thai government spokesman said the tana work, Thailand on November 1, open area will include the capital Bangkok, Chiang mai (mon, mai Lin, mae, guishan area), our office (hua hin area), in the house (seven rock area) and spring force in the (pattaya, repeatedly in la and spindle peach city area).
The Thai government's decision follows the "success" of the Phuket sandbox project. The sandbox project has boosted Thailand's economy by 2.33 billion baht in the three months since it was launched in July.
Because Bangkok is considered the gateway to Thailand, its opening is of particular concern. The Bangkok area is at the centre of Thailand's third outbreak, with the highest number of confirmed cases and deaths. In recent weeks, however, the number of new cases nationwide has dropped to a manageable number of more than 10,000 a day.
The Bangkok city government's attitude to the opening plan is unclear. Earlier, Bangkok Governor Ashayun said the city would not open until he gave his consent, noting that the goal is to achieve a 70% COVID-19 vaccination rate in all parts of Bangkok.
On September 17th Mr Ashayun said he had never promised to open Bangkok to international tourists on October 15th.
Thailand was removed from the UK's travel Red list on October 11, leaving tour operators in sandbox areas optimistic about the outlook for the peak season.
The Thai government reportedly hopes to rake in 1.5 trillion baht from tourists next year. Nearly half of the revenue, about bt600bn, is expected to come from 15 million foreign tourists, while the domestic tourism market is estimated to be about Bt800bn.
The figure is only half of pre-pandemic tourism revenues, which totalled 3.4 trillion baht, with 40 million foreign tourists entering The country in 2019.
As the outbreak is gradually brought under control, Thailand's center for Epidemic Control has allowed airlines to fly full flights, compared with a previous limit of 75 percent. Airlines, however, must take precautions, including banning in-flight meals, maintaining good ventilation and maintaining proper social distancing on and off flights. In addition, airline passengers must receive full doses of vaccine and show negative nucleic acid certificates within 72 hours before their flights take off.
On October 10, Thailand reported 10,817 new COVID-19 cases and 84 new deaths, bringing the country's cumulative number of confirmed cases to about 1,710,884 and 17,691 deaths. Bangkok continues to have the largest number of new cases in Thailand, with 1,185 reported on October 10.
The Paper reported earlier that more and more Southeast Asian countries are turning to the "live with the virus" epidemic prevention strategy. After announcing the policy shift in late August, Thailand's National Board of Infectious Diseases explained that the country would ensure that new cases did not exceed the capacity of the public health system.
It is pointed out that the main driving force behind southeast Asian countries' reopening and even shifting to "live with the virus" strategy is economy. Thailand, where tourism is a major economic sector, is one of the first southeast Asian countries to restart such tourism.
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