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The southernmost town in the world, port Williams

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1、 Location and introduction of Puerto Williams

Puerto Williams is located on the North Bank of Isla Navarino, south of the conflagration Island, Southeast of Ushuaia, Argentina. It is separated from Ushuaia by a canal Beagle. It is located in Chile. It is a place where human beings live in the southernmost part of the world outside the Antarctic, research station and military base.
The red circle in the map above is the destination of this article - port Williams; the black circle in the northwest is Ushuaia in Argentina; the starting position of the arrow is the city we set out from, Ponta arenas.

2、 View of port Williams

In recent years, I have been flying too many planes and experienced many ups and downs and breathtaking turbulence in the air. Now I come to Magellan Strait, thinking that I must take more boats for the journey, but thanks to my careful inquiry at the tourist information office, otherwise I almost got on the "thief boat"
Magellan Strait is a fjord cut by numerous ancient glaciers. The climate and environment in the fjord are cruel, sometimes the channel is narrow, sometimes the sea is windy, and the navigation route is very zigzag, just like a maze. Now, if we want to sail from Ponta arenas to port Williams by boat, we need to go through complicated zigzags In Magellan Strait, it takes about 40 hours to get there by air, and only one and a half hours to get there by air... Because this is the last stop of our journey in southern Chile, because we are tired and in order to save time, we decided to go there by air.
The picture shows boarding at the airport runway of Ponta arenas in the morning. The small flights to port Williams are all from small private airlines.

Cape Horn, a cape that many sailors fear and fear, has always been a symbol of the glory of mariners and a nightmare that is hard to conquer since it was first discovered. Cape Horn is also known as the "graveyard of the sea", because it is located at the southernmost end of the American continent, facing the south pole across the Drake Strait. It belongs to the territory of the sub Antarctic and is the worst navigation in the world Avenue. In history, thousands of ships sank in Cape Horn and more than 20000 people were buried at the bottom of the sea due to abnormal storms, cold water, and many reefs. The first European explorer who successfully passed cape horn was William Swanton, who passed here in 1616 and named his hometown horn, which is the origin of Cape Horn's name.

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