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Attention visitors! Beijing Global Resort implemented passen

Source:Admin5 2021-09-30 22:23

Recently, reporters learned from Beijing universal resort, "11" during the holiday, need for security and epidemic prevention and control, Beijing universal resort is scheduled for October 1 solstice 7, traffic control, only hold tickets for the Beijing universal studios, universal city avenue cinema tickets or effective hotel room reservation of tourists to enter Beijing universal city road. If you have any questions, please call Beijing Global Resort Customer Contact Center hotline [4000-688688] for tips on passenger flow control.

Beijing Global Resort will strictly implement all epidemic prevention and control standards and procedures formulated by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and other relevant authorities, including but not limited to: Entry to Beijing Universal City Avenue and Beijing Universal Studios Theme Park must be made by scanning the Beijing Healthbao mini program to register and display the green code before entering all business premises, as well as other information deemed necessary by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention or local health authorities.

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