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Traveling abroad is something these countries should never d

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Nowadays, people have more free time. Once they have time, they will choose to travel abroad, look at the outside scenery and feel the civilized atmosphere of different countries, which is very helpful to our civilization and physical and mental health. However, when we feel the charm of different civilizations, we should also learn to respect and abide by the laws and civilizations of different countries. There are many strange civilizations and laws that violate our ideas. We must keep these in mind when we are in them.
If you choose to visit a country without some taboos and don't understand it, it will not only bring you some unexpected trouble, light will be fined, heavy will be faced with being locked for several days, which is not worth the loss.
Singapore, of course, is very angry to step on a lot of other people's spit gum on the road, but in Singapore they are very careful about this matter. In reality, it is strictly legal to buy and sell gum in Singapore. The ban started in 1992, only to clear the streets, cinemas, schools and parks in Singapore. Of course, the ban does not apply to people who eat gum because of their well-being. Chewing gum in Singapore is not law-abiding but you will face a huge fine for purchasing or selling gum.
In Italy, if you don't order latte coffee at breakfast in Italy, no matter when you go to a Starbucks in the United States, you can see many people will hold cappuccino latte and coffee smoothie, but in Italy, drinking latte after breakfast or any coffee with milk will be considered rude. This is because in the traditional concept of Italy, drinking coffee after meals is not good for digestion, so the next time you visit Italy to drink coffee, look at your watch. If it's around 10 in the morning, you'd better order a cup of Italian dilution, unless you want to see the white eye of the Barista. Even if you enjoy a delicious and delicate meal and are served like a king by a waiter, the act of tipping can break the wonderful experience of visiting here. Tip can be used in other countries, and it must be so in the United States, but in Japan, it is considered impolite or even unnecessary to tip the waiter and driver, because providing excellent service in Japan is the norm of the Japanese industry, and it is not what the waiter would do if he wanted to get a tip.
Barcelona unless you are wearing a bikini near the Barcelona beach, wearing a bikini in this colorful city is the biggest taboo. If you wear a bikini to eat in a restaurant or shop, you will be arrested on the spot and fined hundreds of dollars. Remember, the same is true for men without a coat! Zhuo's dress code is to adhere to the simple customs around the town, so you can hang out in Barcelona and the beach, so it's good to go back to the hotel and change clothes before going out for dinner.
Arizona giant post cactus is a typical animal in Arizona. Remember not to cut cactus except don't touch it unless you want to face 25 years in prison. Yes, even if it grows in your backyard, it won't work. Although there is no gold in these cacti, it takes 150 to 200 years for them to fully mature. So officials think it's a pity to cut down a cactus. If you have a cactus in your real estate and you want to remove it, you need to get permission from the Arizona Department of agriculture.
It's not appropriate for Russia to send someone a double number of flowers in Russia. Since the double number of flowers usually come out at funerals, you want to win the hearts of Russian beauties and buy a double number of flowers. When it comes to flowers, you should not buy yellow flowers for different reasons. There is a law in this country that doesn't give children strange names. This law is called group name law. His aim is to uphold the responsibility of babies who have no say in their names and the burdens they will bear voluntarily in the future.
Thailand if you walk in the streets of Thailand and see the baht fall to the ground, you are very good not to step on it, unless you want to be arrested for abiding by the law! Of course, stepping on money can damage money, but there is another explanation in Thai law. There are portraits of the king of the country on these baht. Stepping on these portraits is a big taboo, which will be regarded as a great disrespect to the royal family.
India in India to prevent the use of left hand, unfortunately left-handed ah, because the small knitting is also left-handed! In India, it is considered very impolite to exchange money and shake hands with food, which is due to the traditional concept in India that the left hand is often used to finish the bathroom liquidation. This is why countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East want to stop their daily activities with their right hands.
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