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Beijing Universal Studios time - saving Guide

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"Beijing Universal Studios" the most time-saving gameplay? Google this question and you'll probably come up with a whole bunch of walkthroughs and routes. BUT, just think about it, the number of visitors is different every day, and the queuing time for each project is also changing in real time. The same or even the same punching route can really help you save time? So let me be honest, if you really don't want to spend more money on A VIP or UberPass, I'm going to give you a practical idea of how you can save time and play more games.

Method 1: The early bird catches the worm
The first thing is to queue up early at the gate of the park. The early bird gets the worm. What many people don't know is that while entry times can be checked on the Beijing Global Resort's mini app, the actual opening time may be half an hour earlier, depending on the day. But after a friend around these days to report, the big probability will be ahead of time, I am on September 2, to, for example, in the day time is 9 PM, but are open from 8:30 in the morning, at 8 o 'clock the gate had already had several times, so don't be silly to a specified time, early to line up first, so rushed into the park after at least can let you play more than one project.
Method two: adjust the route in time
Once in the park, you can grab a free map, choose your favorite project from several big projects, and rush to the first time. Big projects include Harry Potter's Forbidden Journey, Jurassic World adventures, and the Decepticon roller coaster. Because of these events, there are long lines at any time of the day, starting at least 120 minutes.

When you're done with your first project, there's no need to force a route, because every project is bound to be lined up. At this time, you just need to open the small program or look at the big screen near you, find a project near you and the shortest queue time, randomly, this is actually the most time saving.

Tip 3: Avoid the lunch rush
Another thing that can save you a lot of time is ordering the wrong meal. From 11am to 2pm, you will find that all the restaurants where you can sit down to eat are crowded, especially the popular ones. At noon, you will have to wait for an hour in line. So if you plan your meal time wisely, you might be able to grab a few more projects during your lunch hour, when lines are relatively light. Wait for everyone to finish their meal before you eat, there is no need to queue and clean, the restaurant is open all day, do not worry about food.
Method four: learn to make a reasonable choice
This plan, not necessarily applicable to all people, we can refer to the individual situation. Is the future water world water stunt performance, the first thing to see this project you must experience. Why do you say so? Because the venue of this project is really huge and can accommodate thousands of people. There are only two or three performances a day, so the crowd is relatively concentrated. In other words, if you don't play this project, there will be much less queuing pressure for other big projects during this performance period, so you can take advantage of this time to play big projects.
Tip 5: Save your shopping time for last
If your focus is on project experiences, don't waste time on buying. Because basically you play out of the project will be directly into a theme store, many people easily give in to temptation, can't help but want to browse. Such as me!!!!!!! Don't make impulse purchases! Go play games first! Finally, you can buy it at the exit store, or the one on Globe Avenue. Can you do it? (No, you can't.)
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