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Forced shopping to induced shopping Yunnan Tourism 4 big sca

Source:未知 2020-03-02 13:47
            After the implementation of the tourism law, the phenomenon of forced shopping has been curbed, but the problem of induced shopping has become prominent. Tour guides, shopping staff and other relevant employees try their best to cheat out the money in tourists' pockets. Recently, people's network 315 tourism complaint platform has received many complaints about being cheated in Yunnan shopping, among which jade shop "makes friends"; "Dai girl" brainwashes tourists to sell silver ornaments; medicine is calculated according to "gram"; and "gambling stone" fraud and other deceptions make tourists defenseless. For this reason, the reporter contacted the senior people of local travel agencies who had been engaged in Yunnan tourism business for many years to uncover the secrets behind Yunnan tourism shopping scam for consumers.
Trick 1: making friends in jade shop
Miss Chen, a tourist, told reporters that during her tour in Kunming, Yunnan Province this year, she was taken to an emerald Museum by a guide. "At that time, a person who claimed to be the manager of the store began to tell you how to distinguish the authenticity of jadeite. The self proclaimed manager told us that she was the boss's little daughter and worked in a jewelry store under her father's arrangement. Thank you very much for our attentive attendance and support. "
Later, the self proclaimed manager took Miss Chen and her party to visit Jinxiangyu. Ms. Chen told reporters that at that time, on the one hand, she explained the complex technology and value of gold inlaid jade to everyone. On the other hand, she said that on the support and encouragement of everyone, the original price of gold inlaid jade of more than 8000 yuan could give a cost price of 1900 yuan, when everyone made a publicity for them, they were not interested in making money. In this case, Miss Chen swiped her card to buy three gold inlaid jade, and the self proclaimed manager brought Miss Chen into a VIP room and took out a pair of "Hetian jade inlaid with gold". "At that time, she said she took it out of her father's safe. Thanks for our trust, she wanted to make friends with us. A pair of Hotan jade, gold and jade 12800 were sold to us. It turned out that the quality of bracelets and pendants was poor, worth hundreds of dollars. The gold inlaid with jade was only one layer of gold foil, and the certificate was not true, so we collapsed immediately. "
Unveiling the secret: "laoxiangdian" upgraded to "friend making store"
Zhang Zhang (pseudonym), who has been engaged in the local travel agency business in Yunnan for many years, told reporters that "making friends" is now a common trick used by some non-conforming shopping malls. "The predecessor of this kind of shop is the local shop. After the team entered the shop in the past, the salesmen often played the same role as the local tourists and claimed to be returned overseas Chinese. They had feelings with Chinese tourists, and then they cheated the tourists by offering high prices and offering hard discounts." At the same time, Zhang Zhang pointed out that because there are more young people going to travel now, and the old town stores that worked for the middle-aged and old people are not suitable, there are upgraded "make friends" stores. The staff in these stores are basically not local people in Yunnan, so tourists can also effectively identify them from this point.
Trick 2: calculate the money according to the gram after the medicine is ground into powder
When visiting Shangri La, Yunnan Province this year, Mr. Jiang was taken to a herbal medicine shop by a guide, with the price per gram as the unit. Mr. Jiang told reporters that this kind of pricing is easy to confuse people with the idea that the unit is two. The price of Tibetan Fritillaria is 6 yuan, and the price is 4 yuan. All the things in the shop are required to be powdered. The clerk said that if you weigh first, the raw materials lost on the ground in the machine must be included. If it is not weighed, it must be beaten into powder and then weighed, and it must be beaten into powder. Finally, Tibetan Fritillaria alone is equal to 2000 yuan a Jin.
Similar to Mr. Jiang's experience in medicine stores, in fact, has occurred from time to time in other provinces. Mr. Xie was hurt by a Chinese herbal medicine stall on the street when he was traveling in Yangshuo this year. "At that time, when the tourist bus passed by the photography Office of moon mountain scenic area, it stopped for photos. A staff member of a Chinese herbal medicine stall asked me if I would like to buy some Chinese medicine to go back. He pointed to a medicine with a top fruit and said that it was a medicine with a three high price. The original price was 40 yuan, and now it is only 8 yuan. At this time, a middle-aged man came to the staff and said that the medicine was good. It was real medicine. He wanted to buy some, and showed the work permit of the relevant department of medicine. He also advised me to buy it, saying it was cost-effective. "
Mr. Xie said that at that time, he wanted to refuse because he didn't have enough time to get on the bus. Unexpectedly, the staff member said "one minute to help you get it done" while waiting for an answer, he installed a frame in the inner room and put it in the grinder. Within ten seconds, it was ground into powder and put it on the plastic bag for weighing, 1600 grams for one, 12800 yuan for one. "At that time, I didn't say it was 8 yuan a kilo. Why did it become 8 yuan a gram? She said at that time that the medicine didn't talk about Jin, and that it could not be returned if it was smashed. At this time, the passengers on the train began to urge me. I was afraid of influencing everyone, so I had to pay 12000 yuan with the card. "
Secret: you'd better go to the regular medicine wholesale market to buy medicine
Zhang said that medicine stores are usually not too big. Some of them are in scenic spots. These people often fight guerrillas and often have "nurseries" to disguise as tourists' transactions. "This kind of black medicine shop is the most unprotected. Many tourists will be cheated. Moreover, the quality of this kind of medicine is very different. For example, it's the same as Sanqi. The price will vary a lot. These shops will be inferior." At the same time, tension reminds tourists that if they want to buy medicinal materials, they may as well go to Kunming's wholesale market of Chinese medicinal materials to buy them, all of which are clearly priced and the quality is guaranteed. In fact, it's a black shop that is forced to buy the ground flour. Tourists should call the relevant departments on the spot to complain and deal with it.
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