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Australian Tourism Bureau turns its attention to Southeast A

来源:未知 2020-02-27 15:07
         While waiting for the novel coronavirus pneumonia situation to improve, the Australian tourism board is ready to turn its attention to Southeast Asia during the next publicity campaign. In novel coronavirus pneumonia, the Australian government has promised to provide 76 million Australian dollars to restore tourism to cope with the continuous impact of the outbreak of the mountain fire and the new crown pneumonia virus.
Phillipa Harrison, director and chief executive of the Australian tourism authority, said Singapore and Malaysia had been identified as major markets, and Indonesia was also very important. She believes that the downturn caused by China's temporary suspension of business is not easy to make up, but Australia will pay more attention to the source market and actively explore other markets.Han Feili stressed that novel coronavirus pneumonia and the outbreak of new crown pneumonia caused a series of shocks, making Australia's tourism industry face a difficult task of recovery. At present, the Australian government has committed $76 million to the restoration of tourism, of which $61 million will be used by the Australian tourism authority, while a large part will be used to encourage domestic tourism.
He stressed that at present, many tourist markets have misunderstandings about Australia, which need to be addressed. In 15 markets, for example, 61% believe that more than a quarter of Australia has been burned by wildfires, based on inaccurate research. To this end, the Australian Tourism Administration will launch a six-month publicity campaign to share the "story of rebirth" as part of the "high-end and enhanced promotion" that will be featured this month and next month. At the same time, the Australian Tourism Bureau's incentive tourism activities held in Perth in December last year generated business opportunities worth $100 million, of which seven won business activities worth $11 million, which were not affected by the fire, once again enhancing the value and resilience of the Australian business activities sector.
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