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China malaysia cultural tourism year opened in Kuala Lumpur

来源:未知 2020-02-27 15:03
      The opening ceremony of 2020 "China malaysia cultural tourism year" was held in Kuala Lumpur on January 19. Premier Li Keqiang and Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir delivered congratulatory messages to the opening ceremony respectively.
Li Keqiang said in his congratulatory message that China and Malaysia are neighbors across the sea, with traditional friendship spanning thousands of years. Zheng He, a Chinese navigator in Ming Dynasty, went to the West seven times, visited Malacca five times, and forged deep friendship with the local people, which became a good story in the history of China Malaysia exchanges. In recent years, China Malaysia relations have maintained sound and stable development, and the two countries have worked closely at the bilateral level and within multilateral frameworks such as China ASEAN, which has promoted their respective development and added impetus to regional prosperity and stability. It is hoped that the two sides will take the year of cultural tourism as an opportunity to expand cultural exchanges, deepen tourism cooperation, promote personnel exchanges, enhance mutual understanding between the two peoples, continue to write new stories of friendship between the two countries, and further consolidate the public opinion and social foundation for the development of China Malaysia comprehensive strategic partnership.
Mahathir said Malaysia China relations have a long history. It is believed that the year of cultural tourism will promote new progress in bilateral relations and friendship. I wish the two peoples happiness and well-being in the Chinese lunar year of the rat, and bilateral relations and cooperation continue to develop.
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